with 20/20now the doctor
is always in!

Most optical stores and eye care providers are limited in their ability to meet the needs of their customers all day, every day because eye exams can only be performed when a doctor is available. With such limited access to eye exams, many customers can’t be seen and so they take their business elsewhere, resulting in lost sales and lower profits for the eye care provider. But, with 20/20NOW’s state-of-the-art Ocular Telehealth solution, non-dilated comprehensive eye exams are always available, even when the doctor isn’t.


See for yourself the financial impact of increased eye exam coverage.

20/20now provides
comprehensive eye exams

Unlike other telemedicine options that check only the patient’s prescription, 20/20NOW provides a comprehensive exam that also checks the patient’s eye health.


Using state-of-the-art technology, digital equipment, high definition audio/video, certified optical technicians, and licensed doctors, we’re able perform a thorough and comprehensive exam. The exam includes both objective and subjective testing, extensive screening for eye problems and diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy, as well as screening for systemic health diseases like diabetes and hypertension.


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Lower costs and more
affordable eye exams

Because our Ocular Telehealth solution is highly efficient, it reduces the overall cost of a comprehensive exam. These savings can result in greater profits for the eye care provider or optical dispensary and lower exam costs for patients. With 20/20NOW, it’s a win-win for provider and patient alike!

Only Pay for What You Use

Eye exam costs can be significantly reduced with 20/20NOW, particularly in new and lower volume locations. This is because 20/20NOW only charges a low, flat-rate fee for each completed exam, with no monthly minimums or guarantees. This can be a more economical option versus paying a doctor a daily rate of $400-500 to perform a limited number of exams each day.

Ocular Telehealth is the Future
of Eye Exams and the Future is
Now with 20/20now!

Partnering with 20/20NOW has proven to increase sales and profits while improving access to care and the overall customer experience. Our service ensures your customers have access to a comprehensive eye exam, even when the doctor isn’t in.


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Fast, Accurate and affordable eye exams

The 20/20 NOW system offers a state of the art solution that makes in-store eye exams faster, more accessible. This industry breakthrough allows retailers to offer their customers refractions with the cutting-edge speed and convenience of remote technology.