Telemedicine is the use of telecommunication and information technologies in order to provide clinical health care at a distance. It helps eliminate distance barriers and can improve access to care that would often not be readily available.

Tele-Ophthalmology is an area of telemedicine that delivers eye care through digital medical equipment and telecommunications technology.

We have a legal team that investigates the current statutes and laws in each state. State laws are continually changing based on the on-going adoption of telemedicine.

Yes, we have financing options available through lending institutions that offer ophthalmic equipment financing.

For the refraction system:

Proprietary patented refraction software, auto-lensometer, autorefractor, auto-phoropter, exam chair & equipment stand, exam room computer, tele-conferencing equipment & software, EMR software & tablet.

For the comprehensive system:

All of the equipment included in the refraction system and Non-Mydriatic Fundus Camera, Non-contact Tonometer, Digital Video Slit Lamp, Visual Field and Pupillography Devices. All equipment includes installation support and a 5 year warranty.

Based on 20/20’s Customer Feedback System, patient acceptance has been overwhelmingly positive. Your customer receives a printout of their refraction results and can purchase glasses right after their exam.

Yes, the doctor can use 20/20 equipment in manual refraction mode at any time. Training for doctors is included with the software purchase.

No, 20/20 techs and doctors are always available to perform exams.

If the patient needs to be retested, the exam will be performed at no charge.

As small as a 6‘ x 6’ room for refraction equipment and we recommend a room size of 10’ x 10’ for comprehensive equipment.

For optimum system performance we strongly recommend consumer-grade internet connections (residential or business class cable, DSL, and FIOS): 5 Mbps symmetrical minimum/10 Mbps symmetrical and Static IP. A wired connection (through wall jack/drop ceiling to access point) is preferred.

All patient exam results are interpreted by one of our board certified ophthalmologists.

The final report will be transmitted via the 20/20 EMR within 15 minutes from the end of the exam.

Our remote technical centers will be open for maximum coverage, including evenings and weekends. Your hours of operation are our hours of operation.

We recommend that a staff member be present throughout the intake and exam. Your current staff members can easily be trained on the exam process. No special certification is required.

Your staff will be trained on pre-screening protocols.

Depending on your average eyewear selling price, 20/20NOW customers will begin to earn a profit after selling 3 to 6 pairs of glasses each month.

60% is the average increase in sales for locations offering in-store eye exams on-demand.

We can arrange a site visit, or can provide a live demo online. Please contact 20/20’s Sales Team at 844-843-2020 for more information.

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